Where To Buy Marijuana & CBD In Reno

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You better be ready to learn about where you can legally buy marijuana and CBD in Reno if you found our site. By the time you reach the end you will have a much better understanding of the full scene in this town.

To get the ball rolling we will dive into the best medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Reno. Whether you are trying to buy flowers, CBD oils, creams, edibles like gummie’s, and other products for pain relief, anxiety, to help you sleep or even for your pet your best options will be listed.

Most dispensaries are local smoke shops and can be a great place to buy glass pipes for smoking weed, vape cartridges, water bongs, other pot smoking accessories, and all varieties of CBD products. One cool thing is that just about all of the dispensaries in your area are fighting it out to get a foothold in the market which means they are offering great deals to attract customers.

For that reason most of this post will focus on telling you about the best deals in town so that you can head to the right store at the right time to buy cheaper weed, edibles, CBD, concentrates, vape juice, and other cannabis products. You can also expect to find a local marijuana dispensary, CBD store, and smoke shop map so you can head to the closest place to your current area.

The Pacific Northwest is an area we have discussed numerous times on our site.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In Reno

If you need to buy some new flowers, edibles, CBD oils or pipes the best marijuana dispensaries in Reno are:

We can’t promise that all of the deals we mention will still be going on when you show up. If you are using our post as a way to find cheap marijuana, CBD, and other cannabis related products double check on their website or by contacting the dispensary before you take the time to drive over.

At The Dispensary NV they often give big discounts for new customers, at the time of posting this any new customer with a Nevada ID gets 30% off. They also have a loyalty coupon that can be used to buy eights of top shelf flowers or even full ounces. In store shopping is available daily from 8am to 11pm.

First time customers at Mynt Cannabis Dispensary also get 30% off with a local ID, and they have two locations with one downtown and one in North Reno on Lemmon Drive. Sierra Well is open from 8am to midnight every day in this city and their Carson City location closes at 10pm.

Some of their current deals include 2 grams of concentrates for $65, 2 850mg-1000mg cartridges for $85, and mix-n-match 2 edibles for $35. Seniors get 5% off, veterans get 10% off, and those who work in the industry get 15% off.

At Jade Cannabis Company veterans get 20% off and seniors 65+ get 10% off. Thrive Cannabis has daily deals that are always changing and a good loyalty program for frequent customers.

All Reef Dispensaries locations will give 10% off to local Nevada residents when they buy marijuana or other related products, and the same goes for veterans and seniors. They sell a wide variety of flowers, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, topicals , CBD products, rolling papers, pipes, clothes, and other accoutrements.

Greenleaf is a great place to buy Kynd, Deep Root Harvest, and Silver State Trading products among many others. Currently they have 19 strains available and their pot dispensary in Sparks is open daily from 8am to 7pm.

The Silver State Dispensary in Sparks is open daily from 8am to 10pm. Veterans and seniors get 10% off, while seniors who are also veterans get 15% off. They also have a weed dispensary in Fernley.

If it isn’t obvious all of these marijuana dispensaries near you are really doing their best to bring in new customers. Anyone that wants to take the time to look through the ever changing list of discounts can find some incredible deals on weed, edibles, CBD, vapes, concentrates, and damn near anything.

At the same time all of these also serve as your local head shops where you can buy glass pipes, bongs, water pipes, dabs, vaporizers, rolling papers, and all kinds of pot smoking accessories.

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Enjoy Smoking Marijuana Or Using CBD In Reno

We wish we had more to share with you but for now that is all we’ve got. After reading about a whole lot of local marijuana dispensaries, places to buy CBD, vape stores and smoke shops in your area you definitely should know a lot more about where to buy weed near you.

Plus you can now find plenty of smoking pipes, water bongs, edibles, CBD oils, creams, and any kind of accessories you may need. It could really help us and all of our future readers out if you could use the comments to correct any misinformation you might have noticed on this page. Have fun visiting the best Reno marijuana dispensaries, CBD stores, and smoke shops.

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