Where To Buy Marijuana & CBD In Eugene

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If you are trying to learn about where you can legally buy marijuana and CBD in Eugene you have come to the right place. By the time you reach the end you will have a much better understanding of the full scene in this town.

A deep dive into the best medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Eugene will kick us off. Whether you are trying to buy flowers, CBD oils, creams, edibles like gummie’s, and other products for pain relief, anxiety, to help you sleep or even for your pet your best options will be listed.

Most dispensaries are local smoke shops and can be a great place to buy glass pipes for smoking weed, vape cartridges, water bongs, other pot smoking accessories, and all varieties of CBD products. Since all of these stores are relatively new they are all fighting it out to see who can become the big name brand in town.

That means most of them have daily deals or other specials that can make buying cheap weed, concentrates, edibles, CBD, vape pens and juices, and other cannabis products a lot more possible. We will be focusing on telling you where and when these great deals can be found. You can also expect to find a local marijuana dispensary, CBD store, and smoke shop map so you can head to the closest place to your current area.

Smoking weed in the Pacific Northwest is legendary, you can find more of our posts on other cities in the region there if you are interested.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries In Eugene

If you need to buy some new buds, edibles, CBD oils or pipes the best marijuana dispensaries in Eugene are:

All of the deals we are about to mention may not still be going on when you show up, but we are doing our best to pick and choose ones that seem to stick. If you are using our post as a way to buy cheap marijuana, CBD, and other cannabis related products in your area double check on their website or by contacting the dispensary before you take the time to drive over.

Cannabliss has one marijuana dispensary near you which is open from 10am to 10pm daily that is often referred to as the Sorority House and four more throughout Oregon.

One of the featured weed strains at Lucky Lion is Gelato 33 from Grizzilla Farms that has a whopping 33% THC plus they have a good loyalty program where the more you buy the more you get.

Electric Lettuce has daily deals that offer 10% off edibles on Mondays, vapes on Tuesdays, topicals and CBD on Wednesdays, tinctures and beverages on Thursdays, prerolls on Fridays, dabs on Saturdays, and you can buy weed cheaper on Sundays as all strains are 10% off and select strains are 20% off. They also have a list of weekly deals that rotates where you can get savings as high as 30%.

Eugene OG opened their pot dispensary back in 2014 and they are open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm while seniors, veterans, and industry workers get a discount all the time. They offer many daily deals and if you want to save money on weed or accessories visit on Mondays for cartridges and flowers, Tuesdays for edibles, Wednesdays for dabbables, Thursdays for half ounces, topicals, and drinks, or weekends for $2 off 1 gram prerolls and 10% off brand specific products.

Green Health is open daily from 9am to 9pm and you can buy high quality marijuana at a discount of 10% Monday through Friday if you get an eighth and up. Tuesday they offer 15% off all concentrates, Wednesday 20% off all weed ounces, and Thursdays you get 10% off all edibles and tinctures.

Our last local marijuana specials to mention come from High 5 Cannabis dispensary who has deals for edibles on Mondays, flowers on Tuesdays, cartridges on Wednesdays, Thursdays are customers choice days, Fridays are for pot flowers, Saturday for concentrates and Sunday for all CBD products.

As you can see many of these marijuana dispensaries near you are really doing their best to offer deals that will attract new customers. Anyone that wants to take the time to look through the ever changing list of discounts can find some incredible deals on weed, edibles, CBD, vapes, concentrates, and damn near anything.

They will also be your local head shops where you can buy glass pipes, bongs, water pipes, dabs, vaporizers, rolling papers, and all kinds of pot smoking accessories. You may also want to read our pot guides for other towns like:

Enjoy Smoking Marijuana Or Using CBD In Eugene

We wish we had more to share with you but for now that is all we’ve got. After reading about a whole lot of local marijuana dispensaries, places to buy CBD, vape stores and smoke shops in your area you definitely should know a lot more about where to buy weed near you.

Plus you can now find plenty of smoking pipes, water bongs, edibles, CBD oils, creams, and any kind of accessories you may need. It could really help us and all of our future readers out if you could use the comments to correct any misinformation you might have noticed on this page. Have fun visiting the best Eugene marijuana dispensaries, CBD stores, and smoke shops.

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