Where To (Legally) Buy Marijuana & CBD In Scranton

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Hopefully you are ready to dive deep into the local Scranton marijuana and CBD scene. Buying legal weed for recreational use may not be possible in your state (yet) but we still have plenty of info to share with you in this post.

Since use for medicinal purposes is OK here we will start with the best medical marijuana dispensaries near you. Our second section will be all about the best Scranton CBD stores.

When you visit you should be able to buy all kinds of high-quality CBD oils, lotions, gummies, various edibles, and other cannabis goods. Once they have been discussed in full detail we will pivot to local smoke shops.

Glass pipes, water bongs, rolling papers, and other marijuana smoking accessories will very certainly be available in your area. Then we’ll recommend a few vape shops where you can find buy new cartridges.

Expect there to be a lot of overlap here as vape cartridges may be available at CBD retailers near you, or CBD oils and edibles may be available at a smoke shop but we will do our best to differentiate between them as we progress. You should also expect to find a local CBD and smoke shop map towards the end to help you figure out where these spots are located

If you would like to compare the scene here to others around the Northeast you can do so at that link.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Scranton

Right now the best Scranton medical marijuana dispensaries would be:

You can expect that PA Patient or Caregiver Certification will be required for admittance into the buildings. For new patients, medicare, medicaid, ssi, veterans, public officials, and those over 60 years old, Columbia Care offers a 15% discount. Calypso Cartridges are $5 off, and expiring products are $5 off. They provide indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD strains.

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in Beyond / Hello and when you reach 200 points you get $10 off, at 1,000 points you get $60 off, and at 2,000 points you get $140 off. dollars off $10, $60, $140.

Harvest offers a variety of specials, such as Ilera Sundays when Ilera/Kind Tree products are on a big discount or Franklin Mini Mondays when you get $10 off an 1/8th of Franklin Labs Small Buds or on Tuesday when Cresco Disposables are 3 for $60.

Best Local CBD Stores

When you want to buy oils, lotions, edibles, or something else head to the best Worcester CBD stores:

Your CBD Store is a major national chain with hundreds of stores that sells water solubles,  oils, tinctures, edibles, vape products, pet care products,  skin care products, and topical creams. Their products are derived from 100% organic, non-GMO industrial hemp.

Vibe Hemp Market sells their own Vibe brand cartridges, tinctures, hemp flowers and more.

Smoke Shops Near You

You can visit one of these smoke shops near you to buy a new glass pipe, water bong, rolling papers, or other accessories:

You can expect to be able to buy glass pipes, other pipes, bongs, hookahs, rolling papers, blunts, and all kinds of marijuana smoking accessories at any of the above. Clandestine labs, 510 thread batteries, and carb caps are all available from Coal City Smoke Co. They also carry cleaners, dry vaporizers, e-juice, magic butter maker, nectar collectors and straws, New Amsterdam glass, oil rigs, pipes, pods and coils, raw products, salt nic disposables, salt nic juices, salt nic vape devices, silicone, smart rigs, torches and butane, Twisted Sister’s glass, water pipes, wax tanks, wax vapes, and plenty more.

Empire is another local smoke shop that sells most marijuana smoking accessories in addition to tobacco, kratom, vapes and more.

Where To Buy Vape Cartridges

Vape Dragons at 739 Scranton Carbondale Hwy has ‘cloud fights’ on Wednesday nights at 7pm where the winner gets a free bottle of e-juice. You can also check out some of our other local cannabis guides by clicking:

Enjoy Smoking Marijuana Or Using CBD In Scranton

That’s it for now. Even if there is a scarcity of recreational marijuana dispensaries in your area there are medical dispensaries and lots of local places to buy CBD oils, gummies, and all varieties as well as several vape and smoke shops.

You could really help us and our future readers out by letting us know if we got anything wrong in the comments. Have fun visiting the best Scranton CBD stores, smoke shops, and maybe even smoking marijuana whether it is currently legal or not.

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