Where To Buy Marijuana & CBD In Dusseldorf

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We hope that you are ready to dive deep into the local Dusseldorf marijuana and CBD scene right now. Even if purchasing legal marijuana for recreational use may not be possible in your city at the moment we have plenty of information to share with you in this article.

We would kick this off with the top marijuana dispensaries near you in some of our other guides where adult recreational use is permitted, but we can’t do that here. As a result, our first section will be dedicated to the best Dusseldorf CBD stores.

You will be able to buy many varieties of high quality oils, creams, gummie’s, other edibles, and all kind of cannabis products when visiting them. Up next we will get into the best local smoke shops.

Whether you want to buy glass pipes, water bongs, rolling papers or other pot smoking accessories you can surely find them somewhere in your area. After that we will get into some vape shops for those that need to buy new cartridges.

Of course there is probably going to be a little crossover between these lists. Maybe the CBD stores near you will also sell vape cartridges, or a smoke shop might also have CBD oils and edibles.

Our only real goal is to help you find what you are after. And at the end there will also be a local CBD and smoke shop map so you can head to the closest option ASAP. Plus anyone who is curious can read some of our other guides for cities around Germany at that link.

Best CBD Stores In Dusseldorf

When you want to buy oils, creams, edibles or more the best Dusseldorf CBD stores would be:

The Herbalist Düsseldorf not only sells CBD, but also hemp tea and a variety of other hemp goods. With a minimum purchase of 49.90 € you will receive 2g of the hemp flower tea Sunset worth 22 € for free. You will also receive a free 2g hemp flower tea pack of your choice if you exchange three empty The Herbalist hemp flower tea packs with their receipts. They have three CBD shops near you and they are open from 12:00 to 8:00pm

Hempiness sells vapes specially made for CBD extracts and CBD liquids. They have 5 CBD stores spread across Germany and their opening hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm.

Natural Island sells CBD flowers, oils, and liquids in addition to CBD for pets. They are open daily from 12pm to 8pm but close at 6pm on Saturday.

Smoke Shops Near You

You can buy a new glass pipe, water bong, rolling papers or other accessories at one of these local smoke shops:

You should be able to buy glass pipes, other pipes, bongs, hookahs, rolling papers, blunts, dabs, vaporizers, and all kinds of marijuana smoking accessories at any of the above. Scorpio Head Shop is open from 11am to 7pm Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays.

They sell bongs, grinders, glass pipes, vaporizers, wraps, and all kinds of pot smoking items. Scale Headshop is open Monday through Friday from 10:30am to 7:30pm and Sunday from noon to 6pm and carries much of the same.

Amy Deluxe specializes in hookahs and shisha.

Where To Buy Vape Cartridges

The best vape stores near you to buy all kinds of cartridges are:

You can buy pods, coils, e-juice, tanks, mods, batteries, and more accessories at any of those local vape shops. Vampire Vape is a good place to buy e-liquids, vape starter kits, batteries, or whatever you may need.

Some of the popular flavors at Be Vape include Dr. Kero Diamonds, Oceans Pacific Wave Aroma, Flavour Smoke Strawberry On Ice, and they have plenty more to choose from. This local vape shop is open from 10am to 7pm Monday through Saturday.

Vaper King has two vape shops in your area that are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 8pm and Saturday they close at 6pm. Some of you may also want to read about:

Enjoy Smoking Marijuana Or Using CBD In Dusseldorf

Well guys, that is all that we know about the scene for the time being. You might be lacking in local adult use recreational marijuana dispensaries but at least there are plenty of places to buy vape cartridges as well as many smoke shops and CBD stores near you.

Our future readers would be really thankful if you could let us know if we got anything wrong in the comments. Have fun visiting the best Dusseldorf CBD stores, smoke shops, and maybe even smoking marijuana whether it is currently legal or not.

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